Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A few random thoughts today.

First, on a very girly note (stop here and skip to the next paragraph if you don't care about shoes), when I put on my shoes this morning I was going to wear tall brown heely boots and instead decided to go with tweed shoes. My pants were long, and the cute tweed shoes with the small heel and tiny bow in the front were/are approximately one whole size too big, so I figured, since no one would see past the toe of my shoe anyway, I would leave my thick white socks on. -I had put them on when I thought I was going to wear them under boots that would have hid them anyway. (I am always cold at work. I typically don't take my coat off for at least one hour, often two. I keep my warmest long sweater on the back of my chair and use it daily. On days when I wear a skirt I drape the sweater over my lap to warm my legs. Brrr.) ANYHEW, one of my co-workers came over while I was sitting down and asked me where I buy my shoes. Of course I took that as a compliment, but, also of course, we both looked down and saw my bright white thick athletic socks. OH well. Obviously that was very important... or not! But I can be girly like that, and that was definitely the girly moment of the month.

Second, we just learned that there is a Domino's coming very close to us, which makes us very happy. We do have one pizza place that delivers to us and another close by that we can drive to for pickup, but Domino's is CHEAP, and when we want it we have to drive during rush hour to a busy area. By the time we get home with the pizza we've wasted a half hour getting it. Mmm pizza.

Third, winter has officially arrived. Aside from the bitter cold (it's so windy here too), and the fact that I had to wear my mittens today, I saw it at work. I handle auto claims for our area and for all of Vermont. Today it seemed every person I talked to had slid on snow or ice and hit a pole, some trees, or another car... I'm sure it's only the beginning, too. Ugh.

Fourth, I've been contemplating whether or not to go Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Of course there's the fact that I don't have any money with which to buy stuff, but I don't imagine that will change within the next few weeks, and in the meantime there are big sales. We'll see. My guess is that Thomas and I will stay home and lay low, but the shopping idea is tempting. Then again, while I don't tend to mind crowds when I'm on my own, they do make me nervous when Thomas is with me.

Fifth, you've probably noticed some recent effects added to my blog, like the music and page transitions. It has been a long time since I played with html, and now I want to look for more fun things to add. I think most of it ends up looking very tacky, but since this is a blog that's just for fun anyway, I figure it really doesn't matter. (Honestly, I don't think anyone reads it anyway, so if you are reading it... Woohoo! I have a reader!) I found one site with a little wizard that floats around the screen and does stuff like whip out a spell book, pull out some sort of trophy, and pop a little comic balloon. (I don't know what those things are called... they're kind of like thought bubbles but different.) Unfortunately I don't have any idea how I would add that to this site, and researching it would just take way too much effort and time, especially since nothing good seems to be free anymore. So for now it's obnoxiuos free midi background music and fade-in pages, and that will have to do until I can find something more interesting. (I'm up for suggestions, but be forewarned: I'm not particularly keen on mouse trails or bouncing images. Besides, I'm thinking bigger.)

Sixth, tomorrow is Thanksgiving (duh), and we're celebrating at home. It will be quiet. I don't think I've ever spent a Thanksgiving with just Brian and Tommy, though I think I did spend one at college with just Afshan, when it was just too much effort for me to fly home for a few days, only to fly back again, and it was especially far for Afshan, being that her family was half way around the world. That's okay though. We will still enjoy the day together. Brian will cook, and we'll both enjoy the meal. Thomas will do everything in his power to avoid every dish served, and we'll end up making him a grilled cheese sandwich, because that's what we do. I'm just hoping that we get the Macy's parade. For some reason I like to watch that every year. Who am I kidding? I know why... tradition, dancing, entertainment, the list goes on. Then, of course, there will be football. Oh no! Football!!! I have to make my picks! (If you have been reading you'll know that I was 7-0 in our fantasy leage when I lost to Randall. I have since lost two more games, and I am now 8-3. I've been watching my team systematically self-destruct. It's very depressing.)

Seventh, that's it for now. I really have to make my picks. I plan to take pictures tomorrow, mostly because I can. I will post again.

Nighty night.

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