Monday, November 14, 2005

Goodnight, Sleep Tight.

I have a lack of intelligent things to say today. My mind is a bit worn out after a long and busy Monday. In fact it's currently buzzing with all the things I know I need to do before Christmas and New Years. Yes, Christmas. I'm trying to figure out how to afford all the gifts I want to buy, and that's a pretty hopeless cause, so my mind will surely continue grinding until January. Of course there are also family visits to plan, portraits to schedule, cards to send, and projects to complete (or, in most cases, start). I really do enjoy all of those things very much, but I am constantly going over all the things I have to do (right down to cleaning the floor), and I can always find something else that needs to be done. I sound like every other woman. Have I always been so boring? I wish I could stay home and write or paint or just create. Then again, so do many others. *sigh*
...Clearly, Thomas has different concerns. Ice cream is serious stuff, after all. Isn't he a site for sore eyes?
I love my Thomas.

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