Thursday, November 10, 2005

In a Daze

Brian has been in Bloomington all week for work, and I figured I would probably spend way too much time on the computer while he was gone. Instead I've fallen asleep early every single night. I know I've been waking up early, but there's no need to fall asleep as early as Thomas does. Oh well. Tomorrow I'll go back to staying up late and waking up slightly later.

In not spending as much time on the computer as expected, I have yet to update our family site. I have instead spent some time playing around with froogle since I started the blog. It's another place to set up a wish list, and since I love shopping but have no money, I pathetically enjoy making wish lists. If you've seen my target wish list you already understand. I started adding stuff to that list two or three years ago. Now, of course, that I've discovered froogle (which allows you to choose items from various retailers), I've gone a little more crazy. I have a sleeper couch and chair on my list, for example. See it here. It's more of an "in my dreams" list, really. The way I figured, since I had gone that far, why not add a bunch of my favorite Renoir paintings, even if they are hundreds of dollars a piece? Hey, a girl can dream.

On a completely different note, Matt shared an entertaining link today. I'm pretty sure I would run the risk of getting fired if I loaded it up at work, but it's pretty funny. You'll only appreciate it if you've seen Office Space, but it really is perfect for those trapped in their prison-like cubicle walls. Here's the link to the Office Space Game.

I also have a really entertaining video clip to share, but you'll just have to wait until I get around to E-mailing it out. I won't spoil it by saying anything else.

Things to ponder this week - Ugueth Urbina (aka "Ugie") getting arrested on attempted murder charges, Theo Epstein and the whole Red Sox chaos, quarterback reactions across the NFL to the possibility of working with T.O. -or not, and this.

If that's not enough to interest you, too bad. And thanks for reading. No, really!

...More soon.

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