Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Status of Things

These homemade zucchini breads are now just out of the oven. I think if you combined them all you would have an approximate comparison to the increased size of my waistline. Well, maybe if you squished them together. Maybe not. It's how I feel, anyway. (Just to clarify, those are small loaf pans.)

I had made many breads before, and my mom and sister made zucchini bread when I was growing up, but never had I tried it myself. A coworker brought in some zucchini last week, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try. The recipe I chose can be found here. I liked the idea of using molasses. I will save the first taste for tomorrow morning.

I haven't been knitting much at all since finding out the big news (and by that I mean I picked up the needles last night for the first time in about two months - only to knit about 5 rows which, on tiny needles, probably didn't even add up to more than a centimeter in length), but prior to tonight I had done a bit more baking here and there. This next picture doesn't really reveal any honest baking, however, because all the ingredients came in a box and all I had to do was follow the directions and put them all together, but doesn't it look delish?

Betty Crocker and Cinnabon make the mix. We couldn't resist buying a large box at BJ's. (One large box makes three batches.) One batch makes six jumbo muffins and is equivalent to 18 regular sized muffins. I made the mistake of eating almost one whole jumbo muffin when I made them about a month ago. Not a good idea. Very. Very. Sweet.

...As sort of a side note: When I thought of posting these photos I thought it would be something you might enjoy dreaming of... You know, can't you just smell the sweet aroma of cinnamon and sugar? Or fresh baked bread from the oven? It smells like autumn in here. I love it! Of course, looking at the cinnamon streusel muffin now has me overcome with utter disgust, I'm assuming due to the pregnancy hormones that have me all turned off to that much sugar at any one time. ...So sorry if I ruined it for you.

I did also try making some regular sandwich-style bread from scratch, but it turned out to be quite tasteless and boring. I was very disappointed. If you know of a good recipe for any bread that would go well with dinner (Italian or similar), please let me know. I would love to give it a second go.