Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looking Back

In all the time that I haven't been posting a lot has changed.  For sure we've started a new chapter in the family book, most notably by saying our goodbyes and moving a few hours away, to beautiful Vermont.  There is so much to say, so much I feel, that I find it difficult to even begin writing about it all.  Let's just say it feels like home.  Wonderful, breathtaking, nature-abounding home. Until I go out, at least, and remember that I still don't really know anyone here, and that everyone else does know one another, since no one really leaves -- or rather, very few new people like us move in.  In fact, according to some comments I've read on the local news sites, the locals don't exactly want outsiders coming in and populating their state.  -Especially not New Yorkers!  Ha.  Thankfully,  our New Hampshire heritage seems to put more of an even keel on things.  When it comes down to it though, I love it here.  I think it's safe to say that we all love it, actually, though maybe I should admit to being the most attached. (Seriously, I had a nightmare the other day; we had to move again, and it was out of Vermont.  The horror!)

Here is a brief glimpse at some of the fun you may have missed last year.  In June we will have lived one full year in our new home. I like to think you should expect another update before then.