Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I only managed to get a few cards out this year, but it was a small improvement over last year, when I sent none. Basically if I saw you or if you sent your card to me early, I sent you a card in return. Otherwise, I just fell too far behind.... not to mention forgot to mark down which cards were sent versus those that weren't! Oops! Next year. Really. I want to actually send them to ALL the people I want to send them to. I should probably start in June. Not kidding. Please know that I was thinking about you and hoping your Christmas was wonderful!

We were blessed with a visit from Brian's sister, and she's awesome, so that was fun. :) Overall we had a pretty quiet holiday, and we had new challenges with the recent passing of Brian's mom and my grandmother, but it was still special, and I am thankful. Since I am, yet again, behind on blogging, I'll have to update you on them another time. There is so much to say that I find it overwhelming, but as it is important to me, I hope to do it soon.

Here are a few photos from our December. ....I still haven't finished sorting through them all, so I might add more soon. A Belated Merry Christmas from all of us!