Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Year Older

My Thomas has been 9 for a week now. How did it happen? Where will the next nine years go, if these have gone so fast? I don't want to miss a beat.

His classmates made complimentary hearts (below) for each other a few weeks ago. I think it will be fun to remember the things they noted about him.

One of the most common compliments was on the comics he writes. One day soon I will try to scan in some of his comics and maybe a really creative story he wrote for a spelling assignment the other day.

In the mean time, I'm going to listen to his new tracks on the computer.

I like his taste.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'll be making the corned beef and cabbage today.
Enjoy the music!

Erin go Bragh!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Humor, Halos, and Headbands

Gabe said to me tonight, "Mommy! Look! It's a Gabe and Daddy and Logan samwich!" Sure enough, it was. I will follow up with pictures shortly.

If that wasn't a random enough intro to tonight's post, allow me to mix it up a bit more; I'm tired, hungry, and totally out of it. I'm the only one awake, and I may regret that in the morning, but I should have seen it coming when I decided to pop in an old Gilmore Girls DVD after the boys went to bed. Tonight I have re-witnessed Paul Anka's adoption, Lorelai's look of shock when she saw the gaping hole in her bedroom wall, thanks to TJ, and Rory's reaction to Logan's pictures from the Gloucester Cheese Rolling Contest, amongst other things, and so far, I have received just the dose of humor I unknowingly craved earlier in the day.

Prior to my evening escape, it was still a good day. Seriously, it's hard to go wrong when you start your day with a breakfast of waffles dressed in nothing but sweet, scrumptious strawberries. (Okay, they were sweetened with sugar, I admit, but hey, it was a treat, and a very good one at that.) YUM. I highly suggest indulging in such a delicious breakfast at your next opportunity.

There was also lots of book reading today. Not only does Gabe love books, but it seems as though a book is often the only thing that can distract Logan from the heart-wrenching pain that follows when I must explain that he can't have whatever toy it is that Gabe has just found. (Actually, the privilege of flipping light switches also serves as an instant thrill, but that's a very limited activity... ) He will look at me with tears streaming down his face and the biggest frown a baby can sport, and when I pull out the book he'll say, "Noooo" and bat it away, as if to tell me just how horrible a thing this is for me to do, trying to distract him with what I KNOW is biggest weakness. Then, three words into the first page, he will start pointing to letters, saying "Y, S, A, O" and any number of other random letters he can think of, and soon enough he'll start flipping through the pages, pointing out his favorite pictures like that of the "bus" and "apple" and if he sees a truck, he'll get especially excited, saying, "Ooooo! Truh!" whether the truck is actually a truck - or a car - or almost anything else on wheels. ("Apple" also works for orange and any number of other foods.)

Side note: I Spy books are fabulous at his age.

Added to that, we took an evening trip to tae kwon do, which, to Gabe, meant both some fun watching the kids break boards and a brief attempt to catch a glance at a plane or two taking off from the small county airport on the way. We actually didn't see any planes tonight, but the sunset was sensational from one corner of the sky to the other, and both Gabe and Logan were especially well behaved and easily entertained at tae kwon do, which meant I was able to watch Thomas break his boards like a pro.

These are just a few of the many simple little things that made today a good day, in hind sight.

As an added bonus, I finally acted on my desperate need for a headband. Those of you who know me personally are very well aware of the evil halo of frizz which overtakes a particularly large area around my head. When I was growing up my father told me to wear headbands with my ponytail to control the same problem, but my headbands were large and uncomfortable, and I knew how ridiculous they looked, even then. The idea of a simple i-cord headband, not to mention a very quick black crochet headband, apparently has been hiding from me all these years, but now I have one, I love it, and I will be making more. Yippee!

For tonight, that's all, but I'm going to try to go back to keeping my posts light and good-spirited. It's a wonderful way to boost my mood. I hope you have a great night... err... day?

Until next time...

(But first, pictures: )