Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Home Remembered

I'm currently enjoying a glass of white wine after a dinner of salad and Italian bread with tomato bruschetta, followed by a chocolate dessert. It all sounds so nice, doesn't it? Of course, the chocolate was really just some left-over M&M's from Halloween, and the salad and cheap bread with bruschetta were also my lunch (team meeting and salad day). I still enjoyed it.

While sitting here, I've been looking through images of art, cities, and far away castles. I ended up finding some images from the town where I grew up, and since I am admittedly proud of growing up in such a historical, picturesque little New Hampshire town, here are some of the photos I found.

I miss it.

On the other hand, though it's nothing like where I grew up, I do like it here too, just for completely different reasons. Really, it's all about the memories.
Here's one more photo I found from a nearby town. This was my church for much of my childhood. I was confirmed, and later married, there.
It's still beautiful.

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