Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tired Chocolate Yarn

...or something like that.

I am exhausted. I accomplished a lot this weekend. Yesterday, in particular, I went through all of Tommy's bags of hand-me-downs and separated them by what fits now or will soon and by what will take a while. I then emptied Tommy's closet and drawers to make the switch and bag a large collection of hand-me-downs for the younger cousins. It was a big project. It was nice though. The clothes Tommy has received are all in good taste-some very nice, and I am so grateful.

The only thing we were missing was pants, so Tommy and I made a trip out today. It was a good excuse to hit a craft store as well, and while I love going to craft stores any time, Halloween is especially fun. It's mostly because of Tommy. Halloween never meant much to me until Tommy became old enough to enjoy it. He is a really big fan.

We ended up bringing home the means to make some very festive chocolate lollipops. They were simple enough, but when chocolate is involved, can you really go wrong? We will do it again some time. Next time, though, I will buy more than one mold. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking there. It was not one of my brighter moments.

Of course I also made a very small yarn purchase. I needed something small (and cheap) to make while trying to save up for the materials needed for a fisherman's sweater, so I bought some Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but now that I am making the socks, I am beginning to think they are rather ugly (no offense to those of you who might like the design - clearly I liked something about it, since I purchased it), not to mention a far cry from the kind of softness experienced with my first pair of socks. Since I spent the money I will make them anyway; there is no need to waste the yarn. I will still enjoy knitting them enough, I suppose. Next time, though, I will have to be more careful when selecting my yarn. (I figured I couldn't be too picky at a general craft store.) Ah well, live and learn.

Wow, I really wasn't thinking clearly this morning, was I?

In any case, the game is on, so I need to relocate to the couch for a while. Go Patriots!

Until next time!

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