Monday, September 11, 2006

Feels like January

I'm home sick today, and I'm currently freezing my fingers off. Last night I wore flannel pants, a long sleeved cotton shirt, and a sweatshirt to bed, and then I covered myself with a sheet and a really thick winter comforter, and still I was freezing all night long. I'm all bundled up now too but just can't seem to get warm. It's a good day for tea, I suppose. And sleep. LOTS of sleep. (Yesterday I slept late, then fell asleep twice during the day yesterday, and then went to bed at 8:00. I am about to sleep some more.)

I realized something today. If I were home every day by myself I would be addicted to Style's shows about modeling. I love the art of photographing models and designing a look for the runway. (Not to mention, who doesn't like looking at beautiful faces?) I know most of us look at pictures in Vogue or Elle and just think the models look terrible and their clothes are hideous, but I still love to look at the pictures. It's about the art to me. And while I wouldn't want to wear most of those things or purposely make my hair look so frizzy you would think I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, I still love something about it. That's just me.

I also decided that, despite the terrible results with sock #1 (in addition to what you can see in the photos there is so much wrong with the other side of the sock that I very carefully did not photograph that side), I like making socks. I think there might be many more in my future - for all the same reasons so many other knitters love making them. My biggest reason, however, is that they are so soft and custom-made for my feet. Mmm.

On the other hand, my two-week knitting frenzy seems to have been just that. I intend to take a little break and it's not bothering me one bit. Maybe some day I'll get as serious as some of the others in the blogging world and learn how to do things the right way - maybe even create a separate blog just for that. For now though I'll just continue on as one of many moms who picks up the needles every now and then, pretending to kind-of-sort-of-almost know what she's doing. =)

Ok, naptime.

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