Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's those little things.

So, I just have to say that I was deeply insulted when I happened to mention something about making a sweater ornament the other day and Brian actually thought I was going to make an ornament for a sweater. He really believed I would! Yeah, still hurt by that one.

Also, I feel like I'm walking into a fog every time I go near the kitchen. Our light takes two bulbs and one blew today. Unfortunately we might be out of light bulbs. The light went out in our windowless laundry room about a week ago, and we had just rearranged all the bulbs in the apartment in order to find the best one for that room. I know it's a short trip to any convenience store to pick up a cheap replacement, but who wants to go out just to buy a light bulb? Plus, sadly, I am pretty confident my purse carries nothing but a couple of coins and will remain dollar-less until at least Friday. Oh well. Maybe we'll save a dollar on our energy bill! Yay!

I'm so sad, I know.

A nice little thing? I was thinking today about visiting my mom and how I love waking up in the morning, completely relaxed, and making my way downstairs to help make breakfast. You can't beat a weekend morning at Mom's, complete with a fresh hot pot of coffee (and usually some sausage and something sweet - much like at home, but with Marme). Add to it visits with Buddy or Jessi or Andy and families in what is always the warmth of her home -and staying up all hours watching the movies we don't get at home -or talking until we can no longer pry our eyes open. I miss my family, but I appreciate those visits even more since we don't see each other all the time. Good times. Happy thoughts. And on that note, goodnight. =)

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