Monday, September 25, 2006


I just have to mention that in the midst of my intense six-hour-straight cleaning session on Saturday I replaced that light bulb I mentioned had blown. What happened? The other bulb blew that same day.

Last Friday night, too, while we were on our way to New Hampshire, I happened to look down and see a light coming from inside my purse. I pulled out my cell phone and played with a few things. Then I went in to backgrounds and photos only to find that I had 87 photos of the inside of my purse. I am not exaggerating. Of course, in order to delete them I had to go into each nothing-but-black photo separately and click options, then delete, and then wait for the little trash can graphic to do its thing. Yeah. I had read about this problem with that camera button on the side, but in the many months that I have had the phone it never happened. Until Friday.

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