Tuesday, September 19, 2006


First, and this has nothing to do with family, but I just have to say headaches that last several days in a row with no relief really stink.

Back to the subject at hand, I still have a hard time believing Dallas is 10 years old, even though it did become a reality when I watched him play football on Sunday. If you've read Beck's Blog you know he is the starting QB and kicks the extra points and kick returns, so we really got to see him play. Very cool. Pics soon.

Also, I mentioned last week that I love visits with my mom and waking up there for a relaxing breakfast with family. Another thing that just can't be beat is watching all the kiddos play. Beautiful little Brooke with her big blue eyes and stunning red hair -and silly Tom and Brady once again... I love it. There's something about watching all the kiddos having a good time that makes life so fulfilling. Dallas playing football, Tommy and Brady eating their doughnuts on the step together laughing, and Brooke's radiating smiles are only the beginning.

We're going back again before autumn comes to an end, and I can't wait!

Thanks, Guys, for another nice visit! Love you!

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