Thursday, September 07, 2006

Go Steelers!

No, you didn't read wrong. Yes, I am a Patriots fan. However I admit some of my friends in PA did rub off on me a bit, plus since I started playing fantasy football I have enjoyed watching several Steelers favorites. Now I tend to root for the Steelers as long as they aren't a threat to the Patriots and they aren't playing each other in any given week. Of course, when the Patriots beat the Steelers in the AFC Championship game in 2004 and then proceeded to win the Super Bowl, I laughed. They had assumed it would be an easy win for Pittsburgh and that Pittsburgh had an immediate in to the SuperBowl. -Lots of people did, but still. Ha. So... Patriots first. But occasionally I like to root for the Steelers too. And for tonight, go Pittsburgh! Besides, they're my pick on the pick-em league for this week. I also need Willie Parker to do well. Important stuff, I tell you. Hooray for the start of another football season! I love this stuff. (This crazy knitting kick might just have to go on hold during game nights... but it's ok because it's FOOTBALL!!!)

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