Friday, August 04, 2006

Talk About Babies

We were talking about Tommy's newest cousin tonight during dinner when Tommy responded by saying his new baby cousin is born every day. Brian explained that no one is born every day, but that everyone is born only once and received an "Oh yeah. Everyone is only born one time." I added, "That's right. You were born on March 13, 2002, and now, every year on March 13 we celebrate your birthday." I mentioned that Tommy was born in the middle of the night while everyone else was sleeping - even the doctor, who had to be woken up, to which Brian made a snide remark, saying he couldn't sleep because Mommy was keeping him awake. Ha. Well, Tommy's response was, "Yeah, you couldn't sleep because Mommy was watching TV, and that was keeping you awake." Yeah. That's what I was doing. Watching TV. I mean, close enough, right? Uh, no. However, not worth explaining.

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