Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finding Beauty In My Back Yard

Tommy and I went for a walk today and took the camera with us. Here, a few of the pretty things we saw:

I took many more and will post them to a new album soon. (I only wish I could focus on lady bugs and small flowers, but our camera just isn't that fancy. Well, either that or I'm missing something, because I tried but just couldn't! Oh well.. )

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Liz said...

Hi Sarah,
At ramdon I happened upon your blog from Saturday's Sky. My family and I are Red Sox and Patriot fans. As a child I spent my summers at the White Mountain in NH-Glenn, Gorham, etc. My hubby's name is Tom and my grandson's name is Brian. One of my blogs name is "The Coffee Clatch and yours "The Latte Lounge" (a little similiar). I was born and bred in Portsmouth, NH and moved her to Georgia 16 years ago.
I got a big kick out of reading your blog and seeing the similarities in your life and in mine.
I have enjoyed my visit very much.