Monday, August 14, 2006

Plenty of Blog-Worthy Material

Or at least I think so.

First, I have to welcome my mom and my sister Becky to Blogger. Unfortunately we live a few hours away. Were we in the same town I have no doubt we would spent loads of time together, whether it be watching the kiddos play in the sand box, drinking a cup of joe on a Saturday morning, or even enjoying a few sips of wine on a clear summer night... so I'm looking forward to reading up on all the little things they might post.

Second, whether or not you were watching the Red Sox game last night, you ought to read this. It's funny. Then of course, if you are a Red Sox fan, you probably laughed when you saw this. If you missed it, just go here and click through all of the photos, being certain you don't miss the captions. Of course, while I admit I was amused, I don't think I ever would have taken it this far. Apparently someone is still looking into what might be wrong with the poor bird. Or so they say. Ok, now I have to stop. The Sox are currently down 3-5 to Detroit, and it's on to the bottom of the 7th.

Before I jump back to the game and over to the couch to watch the Hell's Kitchen finale with Brian, I will add yet another epicurious recipe to look over. It looks really good right about now - possibly too sweet for me, but I like the idea.

I will also mention that we have new neighbors, and while I mean no hard feelings to our previous neighbors (from whom we occasionally smelled some ahem "smoke," and who I possibly unfairly think may have caused the thumb-sized dent in my car with their keg) -they were nice enough after all- our new neighbors seem to be very nice. They are a family of five. I'm not sure how they fit into their 2-bedroom apartment, though it is significantly larger than ours. However, they have a daughter who is 9, I think, and she has already befriended Tommy. She taught him how to play tag today. I can't believe Tommy hasn't played that before, but somehow tonight was his first time. Talk about the perfect game for Tommy, Mr. Run Run Run and Run Some More. (I suppose we have played it a thousand times without actually calling it tag or making any rules.) Of course, I played too and was exhausted in no time. It made me feel old to get tired out so quickly. Then again, the little girl (I really need to learn her name) told me I seem like a pretty cool mom, and then I felt better. =)

Ok, time to focus on the game and a little on the show. Thanks for reading!

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jen said...

Ahhhh - I missed the Hell's Kitchen finale. I'm convinced it's on a different night every week. I can never FIND it. Oh well. I live for re-runs :)
Congratulations on the "cool mum" vote. That's HUGE!