Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coffee and Knitting

I kept my fingers on the needles for so long tonight that my coffee was cold by the time I took my fourth or fifth sip, so today's post is really about the knitting. I'm not sure why I mentioned coffee.

In any case, this photo does terrible things to the color of the mitten, but just as I found something white to use as a background the camera batteries went dead, and photographing a mitten just wasn't serious enough to motivate me to charge the batteries. It's supposed to be a deep red. Maybe it will come out better when I have finished both mittens and can have Tommy try them on.

I am sure I will make the other one very soon (probably tomorrow). In fact I made another today but didn't like how it turned out, so I stopped just before finishing it off and started over with my own made-up pattern, which worked out much better. I did offer to add stripes, but Tommy wanted them all red, which was fine. I just hope they fit!

...I know I'm far from it now, but some day I would like to learn the art of Fair Isle knitting and make something like these. I love the look of many of the Scandinavian designs out there. I probably wouldn't have anything with which to actually wear them, but at least they would be pretty to look at while knitting. =)


Stephanie said...

I'm not sure why bloglines hates me, but I didn't get any blog updates from your blog until yesterday for the past month!!! I'm all caught up, so:

congrats on dragging the family to blogging!

congrats on getting cable and clear tv at last!

nice mitten!!

nice pictures!!!


Becky said...

Please teach me how to knit mittens and hats. I might be able to devote an hour or two to projects here and there as the kiddos settle into a bedtime and sleeping pattern, and I've always wanted to make mittens! I think I'll crochet some hats - that's no big deal - but I beg you to teach me how to do the mittens. I just can't get it from the books - I'm a hands-on learner. Please?

SJ said...

Stephanie - Thanks! =)

Buddy - Of course I will show you what I know... which isn't much, but mittens and hats are quick, easy, and fun, and you know I would love to show ya!