Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On lunch... sort of

Ok, so it's Wednesday and I'm writing on my lunch break. I will (hopefully) post this later tonight. In keeping up with one of my New Years resolutions I didn't even turn on the computer last night. *Gasp* Yes, I normally don't make it a day without checking my E-mail and all my other little Internet things - unless I'm away for the weekend or just that busy. Last night I knew I should upload some pictures from last weekend, and I had lots of things I wanted to do, but there was a quiet evening at home just calling my name, and I enjoyed it. So. Tonight I still plan to turn on the computer but will try to limit my time on it. And since I already ate, what better time for blogging?


I have had my thoughts on a post since first thing this morning when I was on my way to work and found myself looking up at all the forests full of sparkling icy trees. I really wanted to share it with you all, but as luck would have it, I didn't have my camera (or much time). If only you could have seen it. (Ok, some of you probably did.) All I could think was that it seemed as if God had sprinkled thousands of diamonds upon each tree, each one glistening in the beauty of the morning's sunlight. It was absolutely amazing. Glass. Lace. Sparkle. Diamonds. Amazing. Oh, and yes. It was cold. But BEAUTIFUL. Wow.

So after I had this moment I came to work and checked a few things online, and I looked back at the photos in my previous post. I know they weren't very good anyway, but they looked especially bad after what I had seen earlier today. I'm hoping this icy dream will last yet another day, complete with a beautiful sunny morning, so that I can capture it. Who knows; maybe I'll take that one photo to enlarge and frame! And Stephanie, I imagine we weren't the only two who wanted to post icy photos the other day and label our posts "Ice." I say go for it. In fact, maybe you can capture what it was I so desperately wanted to, but couldn't!

On the knitting front, the column of leaves scarf is almost done and ready for blocking. I still need another night or two to finish it up, but considering that there were a few days when I didn't work on it at all, it is going quite quickly. If you're interested in trying it out, I highly recommend you do. As much as I enjoy knitting there are some things I tend to get tired of with any project. This one seemed to have a pretty good balance of simple repeats and interesting lace without any tricky hateful parts like picking up the stitches on socks (if that's the part I didn't like - to be honest I don’t remember, but I know there was at least one part of sock knitting on which I wasn't terribly keen). It's a simple pattern, and I just love the finished look. Yum.

On that note, I might get a few rows in before the end of my break. (Yes, I occasionally knit at work. A week or two ago one of my coworkers sent me an E-mail asking if I was really knitting that scarf from scratch. As opposed to… ???)

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