Saturday, January 06, 2007

Off balance

Most northeasterners I know complain about snow, ice, and bitter cold almost all winter long. Of course there are always a few who constantly crave yet another snowfall, and while my sentiments tend to fall more often with the second group, I certainly don't like driving my little Civic in the snow, nor do I have much tolerance for cold. Ok, I don't really have any. But I love watching the silence that occurs during a big storm when all we can do is wait. There is something so comforting about sipping a hot cup of cocoa indoors on a cold winter day, and now that Tommy is four, I look forward to taking him sledding and throwing snowballs. Today, with temperatures around 70 degrees, I was all thrown off. I do recall one winter while I was in college, when Winterfest was scheduled for December, and we had some crazy warm weather that was somewhat comparable. Never, though, have I seen this in January. Tommy keeps thinking it's starting to warm up for spring and summer again, and we keep telling him no, that it is still early and will surely get much colder very soon. What do we know?

Here are a few shots of the most snow we've had yet this winter. These were taken through our living room window last Sunday. It was one of two or three occasions in which we received about a dusting.

I haven't forgotten those who have had more snow this year than they could handle, nor do I think this is big important stuff, but I admit I am with Tommy on this one, harboring just a bit of hope that we might have enough snow yet this year to build a snowman.

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