Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm not usually big on New Years resolutions. I don't really know why. However, after much blogging this year, I have spent a good deal of time considering what could happen if only I changed a few little things. For example, I would like to spend less time at the computer and more time with my family. I would also like to try not to verbalize my self esteem issues to Brian so often and instead work toward becoming that person who is always smiling and spreads happiness and optimism wherever she goes - even at home. (Well, most of the time. I know no one is perfect. However I do know a couple of great role models on that front.) I would love to expand my knitting and sewing know-how. Most of these things, of course, are somewhat difficult to measure. Plus, going back to not typically being big on New Years resolutions, I generally like to implement goals and resolutions as I think of them throughout the year. Then again, it can't be a bad idea to take some time to contemplate the things that matter most. I will think of it as a time to organize a few of my ideas and goals. Here, then, are some of the more specific things I would like to accomplish in 2007 (some mostly for fun):

1-Actively seek out a church in the area. If I am unsuccessful with my first attempt, try at least one more - preferrably another again if that still fails. Absolutely do not give up.

2 - Publish something (or at least submit something to be published). It could be a pattern, a story, an article, or just about anything else. I'm not specifying because I don't know what time will allow, plus I like to think the best inspiration typically arrives unexpectedly.

3 - Read through the letters my gram has for me, and catch up on some details of the story (biography of sorts) she wants me to write.

4 - Play with the camera until I find that photo, and when I do, enlarge it, frame it, and hang it.

5 - Send at least three special little non-holiday, non-birthday, surprise packages to at least three people.

This list may change a bit before I head to bed tonight, but I think it's a decent start.

Once again, Happy New Years!

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