Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finished in 2007

Completed yesterday. My apologies for the terrible quality of the third photo. I tried to take it on my way out this morning, and it didn't work out too well. As fuzzy as it appears in the photo, it does give the best impression of how the pattern looks from a bit further away. Though the pattern was very, very simple it still took me just over a week to finish, and I worked on it almost every day. I am pleased overall, though I think it looks far better on Tommy than it does on myself. He looks so sophisticated when he wears it. Either way, it sure did keep my neck super warm all day today. Mmmmm.

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Jessica said...

The scarf is beautiful and I really like the colour. It's one of my favourite ones to wear.
I wish I could knit like you. I can sew, but when my mom tried to teach me to knit as a young girl, I didn't want to know, probably because she was so good at it- I probably thought I'd be competing with her! Now I'm older and wiser and wish I had learned from her.

Did you teach yourself? Is it easy to learn? Is it something you can stop and start easily?

I'd like to learn patchwork quilting too. Maybe this year I'll learn both.