Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We're back

from the Pumpkin Festival. I'll add another post with pictures as soon as I get blogger to cooperate (or I find enough time to display them without uploading directly to blogger, whichever comes first).

We had originally planned to walk the streets at night when all the jack-o-lanterns were lit, but I'm glad we went at noon on Saturday instead. It was pretty crowded then, so I can only imagine what it must have been like at night. The paper reported an estimated attendance of 80,000 people--a very large crowd for such a small city, and the largest the festival has seen to date. We saw the long line of traffic on our way home to Nana's and quickly decided not to head back in to town for the fireworks.

My nephew's class recently passed a bill to make the pumpkin the New Hampshire state fruit, so his class lead the 12:00 parade, wearing their orange shirts with the bill on the back. They have been lobbying and working hard to get the bill to pass for quite a while. I think I first heard about it was last fall or winter. I found a few articles about it to share with you all, in case you're interested. I couldn't find anything that went into much detail about the true amount of work that went into it, but that may be because one needs a subscription in order to search the local paper. Here, those I did find:

Portsmouth Herald (March 9)
NH Public Radio (April 20)
boston.com (January 5)
boston.com (May 11)

I am sure it's nothing the kids will ever forget.

In other news Tommy started going to a new day care center Monday. His program follows a pre-school curriculum and is quite different from the in-home environment he was used to. He has been very excited, as have we. So far (knock on wood), so good. He already went on his first field trip, and he starts swimming lessons next week. He has been off the wall silly and excited at home. I'm taking that as a good sign. :)

On the other hand, Brian's car is back in the shop. We are less than one year away from finally paying it off and hoping it isn't too expensive! :(

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