Sunday, October 08, 2006

October... quickly becoming one of my favorite months

I am really falling behind on my Saturday Sky posts. They seem to be getting away from me all too quickly, and I am not sure quite how. Hopefully my last post will somehow make up for it. The harvest moon has been out each night since, including tonight, and it is, and has been, very bright. Hopefully I will remember to take a photo next weekend.

This weekend was filled with good company and fun times. As always, a visit from Nana was special - and much appreciated. I enjoyed the chats and shopping, and all the little stuff. The dinner theatre was delicious and entertaining, and Brian and I enjoyed having a night out where it was truly that. We dressed up just a little and enjoyed a nice meal. I think the best part was that we knew it was solely for us.

We made another trip to the cider mill & farm on Friday, and Nana bought us each a gourd-shaped pumpkin to decorate. Here, our creations (Nana's, Tommy's, and mine - Brian didn't quite make it in time to decorate).

I won't go into great detail about today but to say that the good company theme continued with family, neighbors, and friends all day. I loved holding baby Grace in my arms and thought about how her innocence now will only last so long, and yet I still look forward to a time when she can jump and play. I love babies/kids. They're just so cute and sweet and innocent and fun. Maybe I should never have grown up. (I do remember saying for years that I didn't want to grow up and would always be a kid. Maybe I never did.)

Stephanie and Matt made a very clever cake for Brian's birthday too. See all the little mice? Isn't that creative? How cute is that?!

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metal and knit said...

Nice pumpkins we dont really do the halloween thing here.

How to get orders, well I get them from friends and the 2 farms I knitfor as well as the knitters guild i belong to which is where the bed socks order came from. It is very demanding though and for now it will be the alapaca farms only.