Thursday, October 12, 2006

Looking Back

Tonight I was going to write about the birthday party Tommy attended. After all, he had a great time, and he and the birthday girl were very cute together. Neither would go anywhere without the other. However, I also had about a gazillion, yes a gazillion, other things about which I wanted to write, and I did not have time for all of those things.

I instead decided to keep tonight's post simple and look back on Tommy's previous Halloweens. (How did I get from all that other stuff to this? I dont' know.)
...First, a frog.

...Second, an elephant.
...Third, a monster.

...Fourth, a pirate. (Very threatening, isn't he?)

This year he wants to be a ghost, though there has been some recent talk about a possible mummy costume... (The whole idea of wrapping oneself up in toilet paper -I blame Brian for bringing it up while reading a Halloween bed time story- brought some very bright eyes to our very imaginative little four-year old.) We'll see.

Here, the pumpkin I carved on Tommy's third Halloween. I admit to being a teeny bit proud of my design. -It isn't all that great, but I hadn't seen it before, so it was completely my own-at least to me, and all my other ideas were SO bad... (In case you can't tell from the photo it was a Patriot's helmet. Kids were coming to the door telling us their parents had asked them to relay the score. We won't mention how that game turned out, though the season ended on a much higher note, what with winning the Superbowl and all, so I think I can handle it.)

I thought I might do something girly and decorative/elegant this time around, but I don't know. That would take a long time. I'll think of something.

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