Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Happy Birthday Brian!

Ok, I know Brian doesn't read this. And if he did he would be really wierded out by the fact that I call him Brian here. Anyway, I just realized this is his tenth birthday that we have celebrated together (or at least while we have been together - it was a little difficult to celebrate together when we were ten hours apart throughout college). I don't know whether that makes me feel old or just reminds me how young we were when we met. What I like about it is that I still feel the same way about him as I did when I was 16. No, better.

Enough with the mushy stuff though. We didn't do much tonight - just cupcakes and a small gift. We did light a candle, and Tommy and I sang. Tommy blew out the candle too. Doesn't something like that make your wish come true twice - or sooner - or something?

Of course, there are three of us, and I made 24 cupcakes. I might be taking some in to work tomorrow. Either that or this family is going to gain a LOT of weight within the next few days. Yeah, I think I'll take some to work.

This weekend happens to be my first weekend out with Brian in forever. You might remember me mentioning eons ago that we were going to a dinner theatre. Well, this weekend is it. We have been holding on to the tickets for a while and are really looking forward to it. If it's anything interesting I'm sure I'll have details to post.

I was a little crushed yesterday when I checked my E-mail to find two messages from a local radio station. The first said to reply to the E-mail that day and have a chance to win free tickets to see Blueman Group. All you had to do was get the E-mail yesterday and reply before 4:00. Something like 20 winners were selected at random . Of course by the time I checked my E-mail I had also received the second message with the winners. We have been wanting to see Blueman Group since we first heard of them.

But... we are going out this weekend. And maybe some day we'll see Blueman Group too.

I can't wait. Fall colors are out in full force, my weekends starts on Friday, my mom is coming to visit, Brian and I are going out, and football returns on Sunday. Does it really get any better than that? (I had better be careful or I'll jinx myself. Perhaps I should stop.)


Oh. I should also mention that I just completed sock #3, and the magic stripes are definitely growing on me... The idea of starting the fourth sock, however... Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

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