Sunday, October 01, 2006

Autumn at its Best

One of my favorite things about living where we do is a terrific little cider mill & farm not more than five minutes away. They make sandwiches on their own bread and serve fresh cider doughnuts just outside. I drove over this morning while it was pouring rain, and it was still busier than a supermarket. They had apples, potatoes, corn, peppers, homemade bread, pies, and many different kinds of local salsas, cheeses, and more. I planned my trip specifically for the fresh cider, but I also came home with corn on the cob, a loaf of Italian bread, and some mulling spices. I had to hold myself back from purchasing gourds and colored corn for my (lack of, so far at least) autumn decorating. There is always something about the atmosphere there. One family walked in from the rain today, and the mom looked up and said, "Look at all the beautiful healthy food!" I wondered whether her children cringed or agreed. Of course they hadn't yet seen all the candy on the other side of the vegetable display.

I came home a different way than I usually do, driving past the lake to see all the season's colors at their best. Our area hasn't quite reached peak colors just yet, though I think it will by next weekend. By the lake, though, I saw more red and orange than I have seen since this time last year. I thought about how funny it is that I experience fall every single year and yet, somehow, when the season sneaks in again I always feel the need to savor every bit of it, knowing it will only last a week or two at a time.

Of course, once the trees are almost bare again there will still be plenty of hay rides and pumpkin picking ahead of us, and after Tommy's Halloween costume goes back into his closet and his endless candy supply is forgotten, I'll be caught up in the excitement of the upcoming holiday season.

In any case, if you're from New England, like me, I'm sure you already understand. If you're not, and you ever come visit this time of year, I'll take you over to the local cider mill and you can experience it for yourself. =)

Happy Weekend-in-Autumn!

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