Thursday, October 19, 2006

Magic Stripe Socks

I have officially completed my second pair of socks.

When I started I was looking to try a sock with no cables or lace. I'm not sure why. I suppose I thought it would be quick. Instead it took me longer than any other thing I have made with yarn - ever (understanding that ever, for me, doesn't mean much). I was terribly bored with the pattern. (Maybe I should not ever attempt my first full-size sweater.) I admit I do like the way these turned out, but what I enjoy most is that they are done.

I am still up for more socks (using softer yarn & a more interesting pattern). I even signed up for Socktoberfest, as evident by the fancy little button to the right. I liked the way it was set up and how the rules were written. Plus it has a good name. You can't go wrong with a good name, right??

We'll see how long this continues. =)


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