Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a quiet yet traditional day at home, complete with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and football in the afternoon. Brian cooked turkey, mashed potatoes (Becky's recipe-yum), stuffing, sweet carrots, cranberry sauce, rolls, and (of course) gravy. Neither of us likes sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie, and Tommy ate only the rolls, but that's no surprise. I had planned to make an apple pie, but due to a combination of circumstances it hasn't yet happened. I will probably make it tomorrow, and while it will be late, I will still enjoy it.

Also up for tomorrow is a shopping trip for Tommy and I. We braved Black Friday shopping last year, and it worked out well. I prefer not to shop the day after Thanksgiving, but the deals are excellent, and it's one of very few days I will be able to shop all season. Overall I am looking forward to it. While I don't have much put aside for Christmas I do have a little, which is more than usual, so I feel like I can really enjoy shopping for gifts this year. My only problem is figuring out when to shop for Tommy.

I will probably knit a little more too. I know I said no more until after my test, but that was before I rescheduled the exam a second time. This will be the final time. (I would have originally scheduled the exam for the final date except that I didn't realize it was available.) In any case, I do need to study some this weekend, but I am not completely cutting myself off from knitting until after the weekend. I have been making lots of little Christmas ornaments, and I like how they are turning out, for the most part. I have made 12 different ornaments since I bought the Christmas yarn: all those below plus another in red and the rest in green. I know to whom I want to give them, but I don't know which ones to give to whom. We'll see.

I also ache to make more baby sweaters. I don't know why. I just do. Of course, after Christmas will probably be a better time for that. Besides, I have a specific image in mind and no pattern for it or enough know-how to make it up on my own just yet...

More tomorrow! I hope you had a wonderful day with the people you love. Goodnight!

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