Thursday, November 09, 2006

Again, it's those little things.

One - Tommy and I counted to one hundred on our way home tonight and then again to one hundred fifty. He started to understand that numbers really do go on forever and ever.

Two - Not a drop of water fell on my car the whole way home, but just as I was about to step up onto the porch I heard a rush of rain come up like a wind that rustles the leaves. I had to reach my arm out from under the overhang to confirm it really was rain. It must have started in that single tenth of a second that Tommy and I happened to step under the roof.

Three - I think this is a wonderful idea.

Four - I rescheduled my insurance exam. I'm now taking it a week and half later than originally planned (unless you consider the fact that I planned to have enough time to reschedule).

Five -

Six - We completed Tommy's first ever homework assignment tonight. It was technically termed a family project, but I still felt it must be photographed. The instructions were as follows:

"Tobias Turkey is so nervous because this is November and that means Thanksgiving! He knows that farmer John is planning on having him for dinner. Please help Tobias from being farmer John's Thanksgiving feast. Using creativity and all sorts of fun items please dress Tobias in a disguise to trick farmer John."

If you were farmer John, would you know there was a turkey behind all those leaves?

Seven - I found this little decoration at flickr the other day, and now I really want to make one. In fact I want to make a whole little village of wooden people.

Seven and one half - Some day I hope I can find some cute little crafty thing to make that people actually want to buy (or at least want to receive as gifts and show them off). I want to see others like the same things I do and appreciate them in such a way. -I'm not looking to get rich selling crafts, but I think it would be fun to have a little etsy shop and barely keep up with the incoming orders.

Eight - That's all. Goodnight!

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