Monday, November 13, 2006

Newborn Christmas Hat

I couldn't resist.
My sister is having a December baby. She doesn't know yet whether she'll have a boy or a girl. I figure if it's a boy it will be perfect, and if it's a girl, hopefully it will still look cute with a little red dress, particularly with the matching sweater I'm hoping to make as well. (I would like to learn how to sew baby clothes too.) I just have to find the right pattern. Tommy had a little navy and cream striped hat and sweater when he was a baby, and I loved it. It was from the Gap. Of course I would love to find something similar in style to that, but I'm sure I'm narrowing my focus too much. I just need to make a couple of sweaters so I can learn how and then start making my own designs.
I also thought about making both a boy set and a girl set, and then my sister would be set either way. So many ideas. =)

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