Sunday, November 12, 2006

Preparing for the Holidays

I missed Saturday Sky again this week, but I did get out for some Christmas yarn and ornament-making accessories. -No wooden ornaments yet. Just some copper wire for the sweater hangers - and a small wire cutter. (Who knew they were so expensive?) I'm looking forward to working with the new colors. I think they will be better displayed once knit together. In the photo they appear quite bold, but in person the green (leaf) and cream (off white) are actually quite muted. Each by itself is nothing special, but side by side they are beautiful.

Hopefully my Christmas knits will turn out as hoped. Most of the sweaters I have made so far are nothing I would actually give to anyone - or hang on a Christmas tree. My latest, however, I like. It's a bit bigger than I want for the tree, but the snowflake worked out like magic, unlike the previous sweater, during which I gave up and just made some star-like things that were sort of kind of supposed to be something like snowflakes - and then took those out in favor of a little star (that proved to be no better). We'll see if I can duplicate it. I'm also planning to make tiny mittens and stockings. It took me a while to scour the web for just the right patterns, but I think I've found a couple I can work with. -I still have studying to do, but since they are so small and quick my hope is to have at least one sample of each completed by the end of the week.

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