Friday, November 24, 2006

a little of this & a little of that

Most things I mentioned for today have been accomplished... sort of. No apple pie. I completely forgot about it. My knitting attempt failed too. I did knit, but let's just say I destroyed the evidence. I was making baby slippers, and I thought they had potential but was quickly mistaken. I did take it upon myself, however, to upload some new knitting photos. They're just ornaments, but ever since I started photographing my FO's I have felt the need to not leave any out (not counting those that make it in the trash - there have only been two of those so far this year, I think).

Tommy and I did make it to two stores, and that was plenty. Traffic wasn't bad except in and around the shopping center. We started at Target and then walked to AC Moore, and both were as busy as expected, but by the time we made it to AC Moore it was after 11 am, and it was impossible to navigate the store. I couldn't see through the crowd of people on my way in that the line was LITERALLY BACKED UP ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE STORE. Once I heard the word "line" from someone in the back and looked around to see dread and fatigue on the faces of every shopper in sight I decided it probably wasn't worth looking around any more. Tommy and I took what we had to a second line that we somehow managed to find squeezed against the side wall, and we hoped it would move quickly. (There were no lines in the middle, as one could not get to those registers due to the never-ending mob of people on either side. One had to get in the long line and work his or her way down toward the center.) We were expecting the rush, so I didn't mind it much, but I couldn't have done it all day. Tommy was a very good sport about it all, but he was definitely ready to stop by the end too. He really wanted me to carry him, and he is so tall now that I just can't do it when I'm trying to hold and do other things at the same time. (To think he'll be five in March! Is that really possible???)

Somehow on our way home I managed to take some roads I have never driven and still ended up on the highway going the right direction (well, yes-that part was easy). I thought I knew where I was going until I realized I didn't know where I was. Yeah... It was sort of a long way around, but at the same time I avoided 90% of the traffic and still found myself entering the highway one exit closer to home than my usual route. It worked out well!

I hope if you went shopping that you found what you were looking for and enjoyed the time out. It's strange to me that this time of year can be both so heartwarming and so stressful at the same time. I am not of the more stressed out holiday types, but I understand where it comes from. I have to say that I really enjoyed shopping for other people today. I had so many ideas. I actually didn't find much, but it was about the spirit of the season. There were a couple of things I really wanted for family but couldn't find, so I'm sure I'll be out again. I still need to shop for Tommy too...

However you spent your day, I hope you have a great night and a wonderful weekend! Happy Holiday Season Beginning!

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Jessica Weiss said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Sounds like you had agood one...the picture in your last post, by the way, is adorable!
My blog template has gone wrong...temporarily I hope:(...something is apparently wrong in the html so I have had to replace it with a minimalist look...but I'm trying to get the html fixed somehow.
My children are easy compared to this!!
Hope to be back to my normal look soon, though!
Have a good weekend :)