Sunday, April 23, 2006

Warming up the Walls

Brian left this morning to go grocery shopping, leaving Tommy and I at home, knowing that neither of us would be terribly interested in the errand. (In accordance with the wonderful blessing of a husband who cooks seems to come the rare priveledge of one who also likes to do the grocery shopping, mostly so that he can plan meals....) Well, about 53 seconds (give or take) after he left, we lost power and quickly started to wish we had gone with him.

Had it been as warm and sunny as it were a few days earlier we would have just played outside, but it was very rainy and somewhat cold, so that didn't happen. I would like to say we didn't need the electricity to keep us busy, but it honestly drove us crazy before long. It wasn't so much the TV; we weren't watching that anyway. I admit to missing the computer, as I had it on when the power started to flicker, but I could have done without that too. What was aggravating was the fact that we couldn't cook a thing or listen to music... or just look up and see the time. Of course the biggest frustration was missing the Red Sox game.

We hung out for a while. Tommy and I called my mom on the cell, and then we played a little. Brian came home and read some magazines. I crocheted while Tommy played and read, and then I, too, read a magazine and started studying for an upcoming licensing test for work. I read Tommy a book and played with him a little more, and then it started to get cold. We were beginning to get antsy, and Brian started to notice things he had been wanting to do since we moved into our apartment a year and a half ago... like hanging pictures on the wall. (Catching on to the title, are you?) We made a decision to go to the mall and purchase some art.

We had been looking for the right pieces for some time now, so we knew what we were looking for. It wasn't exactly fine art (ok, it was nothing like it), but it was cheap and reflected our passion for Red Sox and Patriots, plus it ended up making a big difference in our living room. For a total of $30 (plus tax), this is what we found:

We're happy. Hopefully some day we'll get a house, and the pictures will end up in our game room. In the meantime they add some much-needed color to our living room. We have also started hanging some photographs elsewhere, which is nice. It's funny how such simple things can make such a big difference.

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