Thursday, April 13, 2006

Still Sick

After a questionable start to the day yesterday, Tommy didn't actually "get sick" at all throughout the day. He was a little on the quiet side and didn't have much of an appetite, but he did eat a little, and by the end of the day he really seemed much better. He went to daycare today and did fine, and he was okay when I came home. I thought he was a little quiet at dinner, and he clearly lacked an appetite (more so than usual), but other than that things were okay... until just before bed time. Since then there have been three or four trips to "get sick." Brian will be staying home with him again tomorrow. I really hope he feels better soon! My poor kiddo!! :(


Stephanie said...

Is this a classic stomach bug or is it going to mean a trip to the doctor? :( Poor guy.

At least he'll have a new girl-who-is-a-friend to play with soon!

SJ said...

Hopefully that was the end of it! He caught from my family in New Hampshire... and they seem to be getting better.

Yay for the new girl-who-is-a-friend to play with soon!