Friday, April 14, 2006

The Easter Bunny and I

**Important Interruption-Tommy seems to be feeling better today. Here's hoping that continues!**

took a trip to the store today, and we found some pretty neat stuff. In fact, the Easter Bunny wanted to go out of control and buy way too much, but I was there for support and kept the spending in check.

...More or less.

In addition to all the other cool stuff we found for Tommy, the Easter Bunny must have known how badly I have been wanting Wallace and Gromit (Easter Bunnies are like that you know), because he somewhat smoothly snuck that in with the excuse that the whole family might like it.

Yes, the Easter Bunny is a very good bunny.

I'll post pictures of the basket full of surprises after I see the finished product. If the eggs turn out okay I'll post a photo of them too. -I had to go with something simple, so they won't be terribly creative, but hopefully they'll still be pretty. (The fancy egg decorating proved to be too expensive and time-consuming this year. -Maybe some day.)

Oh, and I wanted to buy Runny Babbit but decided it best to save that for another year...

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