Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Coffee and Kids

Why coffee? Because I am having a cup right now, and it's good. Brian and I finally settled on Gevalia's whole bean Traditional Roast as our favorite. We still buy Irish Creme flavored grounds from Gevalia too, though we prefer to grind the beans immediately before brewing, since we do have the fancy coffee maker and all. We tried getting creative with Cafe Sperl and Le Precope way back when, but I only liked one, and Brian only liked the other, so we won't be purchasing either of those again. We have tried a few others that have turned out essentially the same way.

Today I made the Traditional Roast to accompany my freshly made banana bread. The only thing better would have been if I could have made the banana bread from scratch, but that would require having bananas on hand, and I did not. It was still yummy.



On the topic of kids, I just need to mention that Brady (my nephew) and Tom (notice I'm not saying Tom and Brady, as that tends to lead to some confusion, what with us being Patriots fans and all) are two of a kind. Example: Brady became upset when we were all at Nana's on Saturday, and he started to cry an awful cry. After a minute or so Dallas (also my nephew/Brady's big brother) held up Tommy's big Thomas the Tank Engine and asked "Who's this?" The tears were instantly replaced with a very wide grin and a happy, almost perky "That's Thomas the Tank Engine!" It was amazing.

Tommy doesn't react that way now for sure, and he didn't when he was Brady's age either, but clearly he has a similar fondness for Thomas the Tank Engine -and all trains, for that matter.

That alone is not all that surprising. I am well aware of the common love for trains at their ages, and I happen to think they are pretty cool, myself. What's funny is that, while Brady and Tommy are 2 years apart in age, their personalities are very similar. They both entertain themselves well and are pretty quiet yet very silly. I think Tommy thinks Brady is funny, while Brady thinks Tommy is fun. They sing together, chase each other, push each other around in the little truck, share their tracks and trains, and dig together in the sandbox. I only wish we could see Brady, and all of Tommy's cousins, more often!


In followup to last night's post, Tommy seems to be much better this afternoon. He is still not 100%, but he has actually eaten a little bit, and he is playing again. Yay!


Stephanie said...

I got WAY too far through this entry wondering just who "Tom" is.

Please file this under "Ways I Am An Idiot"

SJ said...

You need coffee.