Sunday, April 02, 2006


I just have to mention that we signed up for MLB.TV today so we can actually watch the Red Sox games at home this year! We usually watch the free version (no video, just play-by-play updates) on the computer, and Brian gets frustrated trying to get the games to come in on the radio... We turn on AIM while we're watching online so that friends who get the games can relay important plays five minutes before they show up on our screen. Needless to say, we are really looking forward to getting the games, regardless of the fact that they won't be on the actual TV. (In case you were wondering, a TV tuner would not be practical for us.) -And while we won't actually be able to watch tomorrow's game, we're that much more excited for this season! Go Red Sox!

We also bought Tommy his first glove today, and a better tee, since the first one broke while Brian and Tommy were playing on the lawn. I assume that was what lead to the bike riding. -I tried to take some baseball photos, but by the time I made it outside with the camera the boys had moved on... You get to see the hat, anyway (not to mention my sweet little cutie pie... who will likely some day give me heck for talking about him that way), and I will take more pictures soon enough.

That's it for tonight, except to mention that I really need a more appropriate name for this blog. The true purpose of these posts has become providing updates to family, since our family is all out of state, and to just write about being a mom and a wife, so I feel like it should incorporate the family idea somehow. I just want it to sound right. Suggestions? Shall I hold a contest for my three readers? Yeah, okay the blog is mostly for me. I just like to think I'm sharing with the family...


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