Saturday, March 25, 2006


This is what I do. No, I don't mean stuff with yarn, although I have been doing a lot of that lately. What I mean is that I start one project, only to get distracted by another and have a hard time not starting that second project before I have finished the first. (If you're not familiar with needle arts, realize that the needle in use is a crochet hook and that the book next to it is a knitting book. -While there are times when a crochet hook can come in handy for knitting projects, this is not one of those times.)

The crocheted stringy-looking thing is the beginning of a baby afghan, believe it or not. The idea taken from the knitting book is a bag to hold all my yarn. I would need to alter the pattern to fit my taste, but I am in need of a yarn bag. I would probably start with something small that would hold one project at a time. Of course I may need to make a large bag as well -or at least buy a larger basket. A picture to explain:

It does all fit... and after my next three projects the basket will be almost empty. On the bright side I can use it as a way to control my urge to buy more yarn. -All my yarn must fit in the basket, or I have bought too much, right? Help me out here. I'm still agonizing about the Plymouth Royal Bamboo yarn, in soft pale green, that I saw with Stephanie and Denise at Saratoga Needle Arts yesterday afternoon. (So soft!) I have since located some online, but none of the sites I found sold it at the same price. I am planning to go back after I go through most of my current yarn stash. Hopefully the price will be the same, and they'll have colors I like. (There are some other nice colors online. The lavender and soft pale green are my favorites.)

I'm off to work on the afghan now... it may take me all spring to make this one, at the current rate! Then it's off to a housewarming party for a coworker/friend. I will also be creating a new photo album with some recent pics very soon...

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Stephanie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of multiple projects!