Friday, March 31, 2006

I did a bad, bad thing.

This had to be unraveled last night. (Some of it had already been unraveled before I took the picture.) It's hard to grasp just how much work I did on this through the picture alone, but let's just say I put in a lot of time. (Notice that each end continues beyond the photo... not much, but still... It was almost as long as I am tall...) I suddenly discovered a fatal error I had been making at the end of every third row. I don't know why I made it once, let alone at the end of every third row, but I did, and then it hit me. So last night I spent my evening unraveling the project so that I could start again.

After the unraveling and a row or so of re-working, the baby shawl now looks like this:

Hey, at least I realized the mistake on skein two, and not skein five, right???


Stephanie said...


That must have been a truly fatal error. And, that stinks for you. :(

SJ said...

Yes, yes it does.