Monday, March 20, 2006

A Strange Place Yes, that's right. -Please don't ask me how I found it, mostly because I'm not exactly sure how I did. It's... interesting. Make of it what you will.

With that, and a change to the music (the Irish jig seemed only to work with my St. Patrick's Day post), I'm off to finish knitting a pair of mittens I started last night. Goodnight!


Stephanie said...

oh, stuff on my cat.... that gets a lot of mention over at Crazy Aunt Purl. You might like her blog, actually.

Mittens!! I am intrigued!

SJ said...

It's entirely possible that I found stuff on my cat at Crazy Aunt Pearl. I was looking thru some of your links last night. Good linking. Good entertainment. Thanks for sharing!

...Don't be too intrigued by the mittens. I think they might turn into (singular) mitten because I'm not very happy with them.

I just noticed your success in learning how to cable knit. I don't suppose you want to pass on a pattern??? I'm hoping to stock up on supplies on Friday so that I can start getting a bit more creative... I need books, patterns... and more than two sets of knitting needles.