Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 was a good year--a little crazy, but good overall.

My mom used to send out a Christmas letter each year with updates on major family events. She stopped after last year, but if she had done one this year, we would sure have had some events to share. (Apparently I was supposed to carry on the tradition. I didn't.)

Let's see; I quit my full time job of four years back in February. Then Thomas had his second and more involved middle ear surgery in March, which was right around the time we confirmed that our family would soon grow to five. In a desperate scramble we found a house and succeeded in closing for the first time ever. Then, of course, there was moving, which meant a new school and tae kwon do program for Thomas. Brian's 30th birthday was met with crow bars and a big dumpster as we prepared our second floor for an all-out reno. Shortly after that I was sentenced to bed rest for a month and a half. HUGE thanks to all our family, again, for helping out through that. Logan made his grand entrance in November, and we've been scrambling for and through the holidays since then! Also on the list were Gabe's 1st birthday and Tommy's 7th plus a stressful ordeal last spring that I'd rather not get into. On a happy note there were two big grandma birthday celebrations on both sides of the family, and my mom turned 60 this December! My sister also welcomed her fourth sweet baby, a girl, into the family in April, and my cousin gave birth to a handsome baby boy over the summer. We had trips to NH, MA, RI, and CT, all for different family events. Plus Tommy started soccer!

Yes it was a good year, but I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't say I wouldn't mind a bit of a slow down for 2010. Of course, I already have big plans, which you'll hear about here soon enough. More on that tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

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