Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hat Swap!

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

I signed up for a swap on the Knocked Up Knitters board on Ravelry back in September. It was my first swap but hopefully not my last. This cute creation came from Sclatter. Here's a link to her blog.

The book was a very sweet thought too! Little did she know that I collect children's books (I have always saved the classics anyway) but didn't have that one! Thanks, Sclatter!

Now that my hat has been received I will share a photo of that as well.

It was, I believe, my third attempt at finding just the right pattern. In the interest of finding something that I though its recipient would appreciate, it was somewhat of a switch from my usual cables, ribs, or stripes, and I think it was a good exercise. I even learned how to hide wraps but found that it made my stitches look uneven. It drove me so batty that I actually knit a second almost identical hat with the wraps remaining unhidden. (I know. I'm crazy.) I couldn't decide which was more acceptable, but at my third (fourth) hat I was running out of time, so I asked poor Brian which looked better, and that was the one I sent. On the bright side, Logan now has a matching hat. :) I purposely made it to fit up to a six month old, so it is a little too big to model now...

I did slip on his newest hat last night though, while he was sleeping. Love it!

Yay for hat swaps!

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