Monday, December 07, 2009


Yes, that was meant to be the caption for the photo above.
Logan gets wide-eyed often.

He is one full month old today. He weighed 7 lb, 6 oz at his check-up today. (That's small, I know, but good.)

Following is a pic I took last week. It's funny how different he can look depending on his clothes and my angle.

In some ways he looks very different than his brothers did at his age. Then again, there are definite similarities too.

Here I am with my boys (yesterday?? the days all blend together now)... I look awful... wearing one of Brian's tee shirts, a full fifty pounds heavier than I weighed at the beginning of my second pregnancy. Never mind my weight before Thomas. (I'll lose it again but still... UGH.) It's a cute pic of the boys though, so you get a rare shot that actually includes me.

Have I mentioned how much I love them?

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