Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet Caroline

I usually prefer to knit toys, but yesterday I wanted to crochet because I generally find that crocheting is easier with lots of interruptions, plus Logan likes to fall asleep in my arms but wake up when I try to lay him down. I can crochet somewhat easily (and safely) while I'm holding him.

I wanted something fun and stress-free, so I used the pattern search on Ravelry to find something fitting the yarn and hook I had handy (love that I can do that) and came up with this sweet little bunny.

I think she's pretty cute, even for my first crochet amigurumi, and I know a sweet little girl who I think might like her just a little.

You can make one too. The pattern is free, from Lion Brand. Here's a link.

I think I'll make another.

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