Saturday, January 02, 2010

One Short Year

It's my new blog. I've been wanting to start it for a very long time. My goal is to take at least one (semi) post-worthy photo each day for one year. I can't promise to always post on time, but I don't think I'll have too much trouble actually taking the pictures on schedule. Getting the shot I want, on the other hand, has already been a challenge. Hopefully I'll learn some good things.

Even if they aren't beautiful photos, I hope they'll showcase my 2010 story as it unfolds.

Yesterday gave me a taste of how difficult this might be with two under two, but this is my treat to myself, so I'll keep trying.

Here are a few of yesterday's shots. The first one ended up getting my pick. I wish I could have done better with the last one, as I felt it was fitting for the first day. The second photo was intended to be a precursor for what I hope will be another project for today.

Of course I won't normally double-post like this, but I'm sure there will be some overlap, especially since all words are to remain here.

I hope you'll follow me on my photo journey but if not, I still think (hope) it will be worth it.


Becky said...

Good luck with the new blog. I tried the photo every day thing last year and didn't make it. I hope you have better luck.

SJ said...

Thank you! I am somewhat photo crazy as it is, but I'm sure some days will still be hard!