Monday, January 18, 2010

My little monkey is 2!

He's still every bit as much a little monkey as he was at two months, only... bigger.

He had so much fun at his party and again for his actual birthday (the day after). He definitely knew it was all about him.

I will say again that I still think he's 2 going on 8, or so he must think, following his idol Tommy around everywhere.

Yesterday he cried when Tommy's friend went home. Ah, how I remember being the younger one (well, the youngest in my case).

He recovered.

One of my favorite memories from the party:
Gabe had the most fantastic expression on his face when we sang the birthday song. It was filled with so much excitement and glee. After he and Brookie blew out the candle together he leaned back and grabbed his new cup. In one fell swoop he flipped it upside down and set it right on top of the cake.

Apparently he also stuck his hand in the cake but was then not so happy when he realized that his hand was covered in frosting.

I felt bad today when he had his two year check-up and I made him get his lead levels checked. Happy Birthday Kiddo, now let's get four people to hold you down to the table while we poke you with needles... in both arms. Poor guy. Logan had three shots too, so it was one very dramatic five minute chunk of the day. I'm glad that's over!

Maybe I'll take all three out to tae kwon do again tonight. Gabe LOVES that... maybe even more than Tommy does???

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mj said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!