Tuesday, October 13, 2009

These needles are hot!

Whether I like what's coming off them or not, they sure have been busy. I figure I'm making up for lost time.

Slipper for Tom, constructed from granny squares (okay so that's a hook, not a needle... )

Simple ribbed newborn hat made from gifted yarn (Thanks, Mom!)

Cable and moss teddy bear sweater (one of my favorites, however imperfect)

Christmas elf hat for the baby

Teeny tiny newborn socks and mitts

Super soft swirl balls using stash yarn (I will definitely be making more with some brighter, more fun colors, once I find them.)

Very simple, very pink slipper socks, gifted to my sister because they were just a teeny tiny bit loose for my liking

Yet another simple ribbed newborn hat - but I love it - SO soft and stretchy

In cables, the tiniest of the hat collection, probably only useful if this little one decides to make an early entrance

The first of the hats and my least favorite of the bunch... I'm hoping it will look better on the baby's head, but it is big so he may not be able to wear it for a while.

I also started an incredibly soft yet probably way too big infant sweater (even though I checked my gauge and still came up with a tighter knit than the pattern calls for).

I even lengthened Nana's scarf, bit by bit, in between projects. (Excuse the old picture; I'll take more once it has been bound off and blocked.)

There were also a number of projects that didn't go so well.

This was going to be a mitten, but I made up the pattern and sized it all wrong. I will probably try again one of these days, and who knows? Maybe I'll have another simple pattern to share with you all.

I forgot to take a picture of the sock-turned-Christmas stocking. That was only a half-fail. The final product wasn't actually half bad, considering the circumstances.

In case you're curious, all of the above projects, with the exception of the fails, can be found on my Ravelry projects page.

My remaining plan, depending on how much longer I can manage to bake this little bun, is to finish the little sweater and Nana's scarf and then complete two small projects I have promised to others. If by some miracle I still have any time and/or knitting left in me at that point, I will either finish yet another WIP or make a new series of swirl balls to gift to all my nieces and nephews this Christmas.

I have to get this all in while I can, after all!

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Carmi said...

I've been away for far too long - and what a delight to return to...this. And the post before it. And the next one.

Collectively, they speak of family, warmth, and all the things that we treasure most. I've always appreciated your ability to not only see this, but to articulate it in your writing.