Monday, October 12, 2009


The big day is here. Our aforementioned outdated attic bedroom is undergoing a major overhaul this week. Brian and friends tore down all the old walls, insulation, and flooring two weekends ago, and we had an electrician come in last week. Today we watched the construction crew come in, and it was pretty entertaining. Our contractors had a big truck deliver all the insulation and sheet rock, and since replacing the windows was already part of the job, they knocked out the window over the garage right away, and the truck driver used his crane to lift all the materials up to the window for the men to load inside. It was amazingly quick and a lot of fun for the boys to see. My dad came here to help with the kids, and he pulled Gabe's high chair into the living room so that he could watch out the window while he ate his breakfast. Tommy and our neighbor across the street watched from outside. Everyone was pretty excited! I would have taken a few pictures had I not been ordered to the couch.

I don't have a good before picture because I planned to take one right before all this started but was put on bed rest too soon. I did, however, save the photo from the original listing:

The picture is a bit deceiving. The space is actually much larger than it appears. If you look closely you'll see two small tables with lamps. Next to each of those is a twin size bed. In the area closer to the front of the picture we had enough room for our king size bed, a night stand, a dresser, some large boxes, a desk, and a craft corner. It's a big room! We plan to use the far end as the nursery and the remaining area for our bedroom (but still keep it all open as it was before). We aren't changing the size of the closets except to better expose the radiator at the far wall. What we are doing, however, is getting new insulation, walls, windows, actual closet doors, carpet, and paint. Out with the yellow, brown, and peach! The new carpet will be gray, and we're thinking of using a very light shade of blue for the walls. If all goes as planned everything might be done some time next week. We're excited to see the final product!

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