Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Weather, Warm Heart

I had to take a brief study break this afternoon just to reflect and share with you how amazing people can be. I know a lot of crazy, terrible stuff happens in this world every day, but so do a lot of heartwarming, thoughtful, and caring acts.

This afternoon Gabe took a longer nap than usual, and Thomas went across the street to play with his friend for a while. I used the opportunity to catch up on some long overdue studying. Meanwhile, our fourth overnight visitor and helper, Brian's mom, was here all the way from Wisconsin, just to help out while I was/am down. Today she took care of some of the most dreaded cleaning things that I would probably never get to, healthy or otherwise (i.e. cleaning the tops of our ceiling fan blades). I am in awe at how helpful our family has been. Everyone who is able to help has already done so, and the rest have offered their support and prayers. Truthfully, from my perspective, I don't feel all that terrible. I suppose I probably feel like any other expectant mother who's only one month away from her due date. Plus, my blood pressure has actually been significantly better on bed rest. It's hard some times not to feel guilty for accepting so much help. Of course, I'm still trying to follow strict orders. Each day now I reflect on all that is happening around me, and I am so thankful. Today when, on top of everything else, Brian's mom returned from outside with a pan of ziti from the neighbors, I couldn't help but feel positively overwhelmed with gratitude.

I would love to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped or offered kind words. You know who you are. I only hope I am able to return the favor some day.

One final thought for today: never underestimate the effect it might have on someone when you take a moment to bring them flowers or cookies--or whatever your specialty. When they say it's the thought that counts, they sure do mean it, and benevolent acts don't often go forgotten.

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